Pete's Lift Station & Sewer Improvements REBID

The proposed work generally includes construction of the following: Mobilization and administration; Temporary bypass pumping for duration of construction; Design and furnishing temporary shoring system; Refurbishment of the existing wetwell including: Removal/disposal of all items within the wetwell; Salvageable of existing pump(s) (to be delivered to City shop); Modifications to the wetwell including new top, structural retrofit, piping modifications, access, etc.; Duplex non-clog submersible sewage pump system and appurtenances including piping, guiderails, and level sensors; New pre-cast valve vault and associated valves, meter, fittings, appurtenances, etc.; Electrical equipment, panels, controls, lighting, housekeeping pad, etc.; Emergency standby generator and pad; Site work including concrete slabs and chain link fencing; Replacement of approximately 250 LF of existing 8” sewer force main with new 6” force main. Replacement of approximately 700 LF of existing 8” sewer gravity main with new 15” sewer main. Replacement of three (3) existing manholes and addition of one (1) new manhole. Utility work including locating and reconnecting existing sewer services to new sewer main, relocating Adams County Fire District’s water and sewer services, relocating existing gas service, new gas service, etc.; Surface replacement and restoration including gravel surfacing, HMA, sidewalk, driveways, curb, and landscaping; Subsurface rock removal/disposal; Traffic control; and Erosion control.
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